More Organizational Blogging Questions

Phil Wolff has posted a list of questions to add to mine. I'm posting them here in their entirety so that I can edit them a little. Here they are:

  • Does IT blogging start at the top? CIO and direct reports? Any holdouts?
  • Some people have deep resistance to writing, let alone writing in public. How do you bring them in to blogging? Is it OK for them to "just read?"
  • How do you accommodate the visually impaired, both in blogging and in reading blogs? Are your blogs accessible?
  • Have you tried any more formal knowledge management systems? How do blogs stack up against these?
  • Are blogs primarily for communicating within your own organization or do your internal customers read your blogs as well? How is it changing your relationships with your stakeholders?
  • How much have you adopted project blogging as a common practice? How is it changing project statusing, problem detection, newbie socialization, and project risk?
  • Are you generating RSS feeds from your ERP, CRM, and project management systems for alerting and prompting?
  • What tools do you use? Are they officially supported by IT? Does IT support blogging for other departments?
  • Have you deployed RSS newsreaders?
  • What blog community servers have you used? For example: ping server (what's new), blogroll service (perhaps linked to enterprise directory service?), RSS aggregation portals, intranet Google/search, DayPop (what's hot on the intranet), geourl service (find blogs physically near me), referral logs (who's sending traffic to me), link analysis (technorati, link cosmos), email-to-blog gateway, blog-to-email gateway, SMS/MMS-to-blog gateway, machine translation. Which of these are useful tools to add to your organization's blogs?
  • How are you managing personnel transitions? Are blogs personal or are they tied to positions? When does the new person take over the old blog and when should they start a new one?
  • Does your IT organization span countries? If so, are you encouraging people to blog in their native language or in an enterprise standard language?
  • Do new hires automatically get a blog along with their badge?

Of course, there's much more here than we can cover in an hour, but just thinking about these ahead of time will help the discussion.