In my grad class this semester, we're designing and building a reputation system. Today we had some discussions which I wanted to capture and get feedback on. First, the overall idea is that reputation is computed from identity and transactional data. So a reputation, R, is calculated as follows:

I == a vector of identities
TxI == a vector of transactions on I
VI == a vector of verification data on I

R = F(I, VI, TxI)

Some thoughts

  • Allow users to assert I
  • The system would provide ways for users and others to verify I (forming VI)
  • The system collects related transactions for identities are agreed to by users and provided by relying parties and others.
  • Relying parties would authenticate to gain access to the system.
  • The function F could be set or changeable. Our thought is that each relying party would be able to define their own F based on data in the system.
  • R would be available to relying parties and the user.
  • Transparency is important, so users should be able to tell why they got the score they did and see how they could improve the score.